Der erste Verkünder der Manifeste der Rosenkreuzer,Carlos Gilly. Adam Haslmayr

Carlos Gilly. Adam Haslmayr. Der erste Verkünder der Manifeste der Rosenkreuzer
(Pimander 5), Amsterdam 1994
Bound, 24,5 x 16,5 cm., 296 pp. illus., index
ISBN: 978 3 7728 1698 7
German | € 34
Study documenting the life and thought of a man whose very existence was long doubted. Haslmayr's name and praise of the Bortherhood is mentioned on the title-page of the first edition of the first Rosicrucian Manifesto Fama Fraternitatis of 1614, but the enthusiastic response of Haslmayr himself, a Paracelsian and a devoted advocate of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood, was unknown and considered a fiction: it is here presented in facsimile. Gilly's study sheds not only light on Haslmayr himself, but also on the earliest circle connected with the Manifestoes outside Tübingen